Good preparation is not only the most important thing for the driver and vehicle, it is also essential for a good start. For this reason, Jaco’s Paddock ensures the best preparation that the driver and his car can wish for. Our racing school offers racing licence courses and individual driver training for both novice and experienced drivers. With our Nordschleife development programme you’ll get the chance to get the mandatory DPN Permits for racing at the challenging Nürburgring.


Individual Driver Training
Driving without guidance on a high speed racetrack like the Nürburgring is not a very good idea, so we want to help you get started with your racing experience. In addition to our training programme for beginners, we can also help experienced drivers through our excellent driving coaches. For newbies, we recommend booking a circuit training or to book an instructor if you rent one of our cars. For experienced racers we recommend our 1-to-1 training. If you participate with a group on a track day, we can also make a group practice lesson out of it. You can see some of the options below.

Circuit Training
Get to know the route step by step and we will guide you to master the route as fast as possible. Our licenced trainers can be booked by hour to show you the ideal lines of Europe’s best racetracks. Even if you don’t necessarily need to hire an instructor (to rent one of our cars), we encourage you to take advantage of their knowledge and get insider information, tips and tricks. If you are driving the track for the first time, the instruction given by an expert will significantly increase your learning.

1 to 1 Driving Training
For beginners and experienced (racing) drivers adapted to the respective level. Each of our 1-to-1 training sessions with our professional instructors improves driving and racing skills, knowledge of the track, and mental skills. 1-to-1 sessions will help you to exceed your own limits and also to recognise your driving skills. You can easily add the 1-to-1 training option when renting one of our cars. If you want to enhance your racing skills in your own car, just book an individual 1-to-1 session.

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DMSB Permit Nordschleife
Jaco’s Paddocks Race Training will help you get your Permit B and Permit A for the Nordschleife. With these DPN training programs you will learn in how to race at the Nürburgring. Here you will familiarise yourself with the procedures, the launches on the track, the different classes and hopefully with some trophies at the end.

Permit B: There are two ways to get the Permit B.

  1. Absolve some races on the Nordschleife and do the theoretical test online.
  2. Participate in a Permit B training.

We recommend participating in 3 RCN races in our class V4 rental car (BMW E90 325i).

Permit A: There is only one way to get a Permit A shown on the chart. You must compete in a VLN and a 24 hour qualifying race, or 2 VLN races within 24 months. Both variants require you to finish the races in the top 75% of your class.

Together with our successful racing team and our reliable racing cars, you are able to experience racing on the notorious Nordschleife, not worrying about your own racing car. Our crew at the pit and in the pit lane will lead you to success. Follow our step by step program and enhance valuable knowledge about the track and racing skills. Together we get the right permits for the VLN and the 24 hour race.


For more than 10 years, Jaco’s Paddock Motorsport has been a licensed racing school of the DMSB (FIA). We offer racing licence training on many racetracks and airfields. If you pass the theoretical and practical exam, you will receive a DMSB Racing Licence (A). On special occasions we also make programmes for the acquisition of the International Licence D

In addition to the traditional race training, where you learn the basics of racing as good as possible, we also offer programmes in which more experienced drivers can follow their dream of being a racing driver and become a skilled Nordschleife expert. Check the prerequisite permits.

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