The Circuit Zandvoort is located near the North Sea and cities like Haarlem and Amsterdam. It’s a challenging track, known for its flowing curves between the dunes. The city of Zandvoort is really worthy to visit because of its many beach clubs and restaurants.

The circuit gained popularity because of its fast, sweeping corners such as Scheivlak as well as the “Tarzanbocht” (Tarzan corner) hairpin at the end of the start/finish straight. Tarzanbocht is the most famous corner in the circuit. Since there is a camber in the corner, it provides excellent overtaking opportunities. It is possible to pass around the outside as well as the easier inside lane. This corner is reportedly named after a local character who had earned the nickname of Tarzan and only wanted to give up his vegetable garden in the dunes if the track’s designers named a nearby corner after him.

Zandvoort will host the Dutch Grand Prix for 2020 and beyond for a duration of at least three years, with the option to host another two in the future.

Source: wikipedia

Zandvoort Map


Inside the paddock of Circuit Zandvoort, you’ll find a gas station (payment by credit or debit card). The nearest gas station outside the paddock is the Texaco: Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 102, 2041 KP Zandvoort, less than 2 kilometers away.


In the paddock of the Circuit Zandvoort there are only a few parking possibilities for visitors. Please note that the area directly in front of the boxes is reserved for participants who have rented a box. Caravans, trailers and vehicles of visitors should be parked in the larger parking lot near the tunnel.


Barrier-free toilets and showers can be found directly inside the paddock of Zandvoort.


The ATM is located here: Raadhuisplein 6A, 2042 LR Zandvoort


The NH Hotel is located in front of the access road. Visit the website:

Alternatively, you could visit the Amsterdam Beach Hotel, which is located in the centre of Zandvoort:

Where to Eat

At the end of the pits, you’ll find Mickey’s Bar and Bernie’s Bar & Kitchen. 

Directly on the boulevard there are many beach bars, such as the Thalassa (Boulevard no. 18). Also, the NH hotel on the opposite side of the racetrack includes very lovely restaurant. 

Many more restaurants can be discovered in the center of Zandvoort.

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