Public Days Announced

Public Days

Our calendar has been updated with all the public “touristenfahrten” days at the Nurburgring Nordschleife this year. There is a mixture of full days, weekends, and many many evenings where the legendary “Green Hell’ is open to the public driving almost anything road-legal! The fun begins on Saturday March 7th.

The benefit of public days is the flexibility to just arrive and drive spontaneously, just paying for the laps as you go. It can get busy especially in the summer months so it’s worth planning your trip in advance.

Although it is technically recognised by the government as a public one-way toll road, it’s highly unlikely that your normal car insurance will cover you. It is strongly advised that you rent a car to have a 21km experience of a lifetime… and that’s where we can help you with race prepared and road-legal BMWs.