Zandvoort F1 Circuit

Zandvoort aerial view

Dutch F1 track in the dunes

There are race tracks like no other and Circuit Zandvoort is one of them. With a great history and a perfect location near the beach and Amsterdam, Zandvoort is now one of the bucket list F1 tracks, since its recent renovation. The updated corners are perfect for both track day and racing drivers. It’s still as challenging as it was, but with a more premium finishing touch. Everyone will enjoy each lap they go out. Zandvoort offers the excitement from great tracks as Spa-Francorchamps and the Nordschleife in a 4.3 km long stretch of amazing bends.

Steep learning curve
The challenge at Zandvoort lies in the fact every corner is incomparable. Straights are short, and even elevated. Some corners are blind. Camber and even real banking in some turns will provide grip and therefore a true rollercoaster effect. Others are just very technical to get them right. A driver that knows how to be quick at this race track will be fast everywhere. Zandvoort offers a steep learning curve to any driver who enters the track. To make you truly understand the principles of the ideal line, racing lines and even wet lines, no track will beat Zandvoort.

Art of overtaking
Even when you think you’ve got everything sorted out, the weather will play a major role here. Sand blowing in from the dunes or beach makes the track slippery. Rainfall will really change the track and even though during the last seasons we’ve experienced long periods of sun, the Dutch sea climate is still around. Overtaking at Zandvoort is an art. Sometimes you’ll need to think three corners ahead. With the new tarmac, safety upgrades and run-off areas Circuit Zandvoort has become much safer. This helps to train yourself in all kinds of circumstances that will help to improve your overall driver skills.

Local Driver Coach
Circuit Zandvoort has a big local community with people from several countries who like to drive here a lot. There are several track day and race organisations for all sorts of levels. This makes it easy to pick dates. Our chief instructor is based at Zandvoort and you can really benefit from his 20 years of experience. As a driver coach he’ll guide you around at your own level. Driver Coach Dennis speaks German, English and Dutch. Together with your goals in mind he’ll set up a program. If it’s about having fun, staying safe or simply to become faster at this track, use this opportunity in combination with one of our track rental cars.